Return of our Academy

Our Successful Academy will recommence this Saturday Aug 24th at 10.30am and will take place every Saturday morning at 10.30am.

The academy caters for boys and girls from ages 4-7

The sessions are €3.00 per player and the training lasts about 1hr.

The academy prepares boys and girls for when they start playing competitive football at U8s.



Club statement

An open letter in response to the derogatory paper flyer issued to the local households on 16th August to gather support for a disruptive protest against Greenhills
Boys FC / Greenhills-Greenpark Football Club.& Bangor Celtic (Now BGGFC)

To one and all,
How do you defeat bullies, How do you overcome an incessant campaign of Lies,Deceit,Slander and contemptible abuse. With the Truth, you combat it all with the undeniable Truth.

At the centre of this disgraceful campaign, is a small group of disgruntled parents from one schoolboys team in the club.
The two managers from that team were removed by the committee because of relentless verbal abuse and threatening accusations continuously directed at every member of the voluntary club Committee.

Their credentials of good coaching was never in question, but the highly charged abuse could no longer be tolerated any more.

The committee is made up of , honest , ordinary , hard working guys , who give up their spare time , to voluntarily devote their time to the countless tasks required to run a club like this. We don’t get paid, we don’t receive any perks, maybe the odd thank – you from a happy parent or player is sufficient reward.

And like the committee before us and before them again- all good men and women- we try to do the very best we can for the majority of all concerned throughout the football club.
We may not always get it right , but we certainly will try hard to achieve it.

This nasty and aggressive campaign does not care about these intrinsic honest values, No!!
This is a Selfish !Selfrighteous !Fanactical !campaign, ultimately and purposefully devised to destroy This club as it currently exists.

They have falsely assumed the role of spokespeople for This honourable club, blatantly used the clubs insignia for the propagation of their sordid claims.

As the officially elected committee of this fine club we urge all , not to support this renegade protest and encourage all to voice their opposition to such a contemptible stance.

A motto has been used , which ironically contradicts their position. “It’s All About The Kids”
This campaign, unfortunately is not about the kids, NO , this is sadly ,All About The Parents!!!?

Schoolboy trials

Schoolboy trials for 2019/2020 season will take place on Sat 17th Aug @11.00am in Greenhills Park.

If you are born between 2002 & 2012 and are interested just pop along on the day.

Below are the age/year for each team
U8 – 2012
U9 – 2011
U10 – 2010
U11 – 2009
U12 – 2008
U13 – 2007
U14 – 2006
U15 – 2005
U16 – 2004
U17 – 2003
U18 – 2002

Blitz 2019 Day 2 (presentation)

Our 2019 blitz ended today with our finals day followed by our presentation.

The committee would like to thank all the volunteers who made this event a great success.

Below are some photos (more will follow)

Senior Amalgamation Game

Today our new Senior section played a friendly game. Both clubs were represented by their old strips for the run out. The teams were mixed to show the amalgamation was in full swing. The old strips will be put aside shortly when the new strips arrive to confirm the completion of the merger.

On Sat the Saturday side played the first friendly of the new era when they lost 4-2 against St John Bosco.

News of more pre season fixtures will follow.


Schoolboy Blitz Day 1


Day 1 of the 2019 schoolboy blitz was a great success. Day 2 kicks off shortly with the finals and then the presentation. Well done to all involved.

Statement re Schoolboy Section

Contrary to some social media comments over the weekend the executive committee would like to put on record that the schoolboy section of the club was never changing and will still be Greenhills Boys AFC as it was in 1967 when originally founded. The Schoolboy committee will run the Greenhills Boys AFC section of the club.

The club would like to thank AD Roofing and Paul Reid for their sponsorship to the schoolboy section. €1000 from each of them has been received.

In the coming weeks there will be an official announcement on the Senior Side (Greenhills/Greenpark) amalgamation with Bangor Celtic. From a committee point of view once the amalgamation is announced there will be SEPARATE committees within each section.

Yours in football
Greenhills Boys committee.